GE LED+ BR30 Indoor LED Light Bulb Replacement Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Bluetooth light bulb to upgrade your home: The LED+ BR30 Indoor LED light bulbs with Bluetooth speaker functionality are the best solution to syncing your light and sound preferences for a fully-immersive atmosphere that perfectly matches your mood.
  • High quality light and sound: these led light bulbs come with bluetooth speakers without needing to download an additional app. Simply connect through your bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Remote controlled and energy efficient bluetooth lightbulb: Forget the hassle of downloading another mobile app. Connect your floodlight LED bulbs featuring Bluetooth wireless speakers using one easy-to-use remote control.
  • Get more out of your led light bulbs: The GE LED+ BR30 replacement LED light bulbs have the added benefit of Bluetooth speaker functionality, a simple feature that makes your life a little better.
  • Optimal daytime led light bulbs: The 65W BR30 LED light bulbs in soft white will create the perfect lighting for any room and offer a warmth like no other.
  • 65-Watt B-Line in Soft White, 1CT
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Weight 1.03 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 3.75 × 5 in


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